August 2, 2017

Travel Photo Diary: San Francisco

Last week in my Cali trip I squeezed in a day trip to San Francisco. My brother just moved up there and I haven't been there in many, many years. San Fran is one of my favorite cities (granted I haven't been to too many). Definitely has it's charms (minus the hills) and each neighborhood has a little personality of it's own. Here's what I squeezed in for just a few hours:

The Haight - My brother's neighborhood is comparable to the East Village in New York. There is a lot of the '60s/'70s history very alive and well. Vintage shops showcase bell bottoms and tie die shirts. Every other store is a "smoke shop". There are a few vegan options which was great news for me. For dinner the night I arrived we went to Hippie Thai. For breakfast we went to PEOPLES Cafe. I opted for a matcha latte and granola. My brother enjoyed his omelette. A lot of the stores did not open until 11am so we had a nice quiet morning. We walked by the famous Amoeba Music store but unfortunately it was not open yet.

Gay pride everywhere!

Castro - From the Haight we wandered over to the Castro. Castro is a historic district to the LGBT movement so there is gay pride everywhere. We planned on eating there but it is so small we ended up walking through to the end in just a few minutes. Woops. But there are definitely options so we can go back.

The Mission - Just a few avenues from The Castro is The Mission. The Mission has some boutique shops and cafes but more spread out than other neighborhoods we came across. There we found Media Noche, a cute Cuban restaurant. We ended up not eating anything lol but everyone's bowls looked delicious. The restaurant is perfect for Instagram with it's decor and full of what I deem "Park Slope moms."

It's sad how many tries it took to take this selfie

"The Painted Ladies" - A must on any tourists list is the Full House experience. The iconic red door is a few miles away but the park with the iconic houses behind them in the opening credits (1:15) is a little closer so my brother and I headed over there. They're called "the painted ladies" and they're well manicured Victorian houses. Lots of tourists were there so we quickly snapped pics before busting out.

VeganBurg - We ended the day grabbing a late lunch at VeganBurg. It's a super cute restaurant that apparently is only in San Fran and Singapore. I had the amazing avocado beet burger and seaweed fries. They need to hurry up and make more places!

Next on my list is the Golden Gate bridge and Fisherman's Wharf.

What are some of your favorite spots in San Francisco?

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