August 8, 2017

Movie Review: Atomic Blonde

This weekend among my birthday celebrations I went with Laura to see Atomic Blonde. Was super excited to see some female ass kicking especially after seeing Wonder Woman. Was even more excited when I found out Charlize did a lot of her own stunts in the movie. So the basic premise is that Charlize is a stylishly dressed spy who appears set up by the CIA so she has to kick a lot of ass. I saw someone likened it to a 2 hour Dior ad. No complaints there. Plus it's set to an '80s soundtrack since it is set in 1989.

The movie does feel a bit long and the overall narrative is complex. At first you're just going along enjoying Charlize's, aka Lorraine, wardrobe and ass kicking skills. But then at the end of the movie there's a twist that left us scratching our heads. It might indicate a sequel but if you're going to do that complex of a plot then perhaps spend more time on it? It seemed like it wanted to be two movies. I'm perfectly fine with a beautifully shot, high-fashion, action packed movie with little plot. I recommend it seeing it in theater to not only support a female led action film but I think the action is better seen on a bigger screen. There are a few scenes where we had to cover our eyes but otherwise the fashion and soundtrack make the movie enjoyable.

Still haven't seen Planet of the Apes yet! Another one adding to my list is Ingrid Goes West since my boo O'Shea Jackson Jr is in it plus it seems to be interesting commentary about our obsessive world of Instagram.

What movies have you seen lately?

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