July 17, 2017

Weekend Recap: Bodegas & Rooftops

I actually did some fun things this weekend (Thursday counts, right?) so thought I'd recap. The long awaited Desus & Mero Live was Thursday! Tickets went on sale in May and sold out literally in 2 minutes. I was shocked I was able to lock down a pair but felt the blessings. If you don't know, Desus Nice & The Kid Mero (a personal fave) have a nightly show on Viceland (previously were on Complex & MTV2) as well as a podcast, The Bodega Boys. They're two friends from the Bronx who rip off the cuff on all things pop culture. Nicole and I headed to Williamsburg for a night of laughs. The crowd was so hype and they gave the energy back. My face hurt from laughing. Brand is strong! Bodega Hive for life!

And then Saturday Nicole and I checked out Rooftop Films near my neighborhood. Rooftop movies is always a New York staple and I've been wanting to check one out. This one was right by the East River so the views were gorgeous. L.A. Times was the movie playing. It's described as "Sophisticated 30-somethings pursue an urban myth of happiness in this classically styled comedy." Sophisticated is just code for hipsters. It's set in modern times but the friends are into a weird '70s vintage vibe so it's all very confusing. A girl wears a beret... and there's another scene she's in a silk robe talking on a house line. It kind of took me out of it. The lead actress had some funny lines but overall I was not a big fan. Nicole and I kept confusing the cast with other people lol they look like certain famous people but aren't. The only one I did know was Jorma, of The Lonely Island, but otherwise everyone was new to me. Also... very white. But still was a beautiful night and fun to enjoy an outdoor movie.

What did you do this weekend?

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