July 5, 2017

Movie Reviews: Okja & Baby Driver

Recently I watched a few indie movies - one on Netflix and one in limited release - so thought I'd share some mini reviews in case you were looking to check them out.

Okja - This Netflix film by Korean director, Joon-ho Bong, is a story about a girl and her pet superpig. It's a bit outlandish of a premise but it's setup that way to tell the narrative. He directed Snowpiercer, which I enjoyed. I thought I was watching an uplifting story of friendship on a Friday night but instead found myself sobbing as it goes into factory farming. Tilda Swinton is her fabulously weird self and Jake Gyllenhaal is almost unrecognizable as an insane scientist. Amazing performances by both but the little girl, Mija, really makes you give a damn about a CGI pig, Okja. The movie is really good and is nothing like I've seen (or currently in theaters... so good job Netflix). I highly recommend it but if you're an animal lover I do warn you the last part of the movie is going to get uncomfortable.

Baby Driver - Everywhere we went this was sold out! I hadn't even heard of the movie until my friend suggested it. It stars Ansel Elgort (midly famous from The Divergent series). The premise is he's a baby-faced kid who can drive a car like a stunt person so he's hired by Kevin Spacey who likes to rob places. Jon Hamm (with a badass haircut) and Jamie Foxx are some of the robbers. I had several issues with the movie lol - 1) Why Ansel? He did an alright job but usually you hire one of those Zac Efron types for a reason but I felt like any other upcoming talent could be in there. 2) Who are these people? Why do they come together? There's barely ANY back story to who these people are, how they came together, why this kid drives like he does. 3) Too long. The first hour was super boring and if they were going to build up that much then they should've sprinkled a bit more storytelling in there so I know whether to root for the kid. I was only really entertained at the last 40 minutes or so but then how it ends was a yawn. I don't know. Maybe I missed what the director, Edgar Wright, was trying to achieve. The best part was the soundtrack though. I will give the movie that! Also, Kevin Spacey did have a great line: "Stop quoting Monsters Inc. to me!"

I also wanted to see the Tupac biopic, All Eyez on Me, but unfortunately have heard back reviews so will wait until it's onDemand.

Movie I'm most excited to see: War for the Planet of the ApesThe trailers are SO damn good but then the critics had good reviews so now I'm relieved that it's not going to be just good trailers.

What movies have you seen lately?

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