May 22, 2017

What I'm Currently Watching

A lot of great TV has premiered lately and I've been trying to check them all out. A few I only gave a few episode chance to before ditching. Some are old faves returning for another season. I thought I'd share some quick reviews with NO SPOILERS in case you were interested in tuning in:

Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale - The most buzzed about show in my timeline arrived earlier this month then have been releasing single episodes each week. Despite some negative press with the cast not wanting to drop the F bomb - feminist - I was looking forward to this show. There was a very detailed Buzzfeed article describing the way the show is shot. It's beautiful, raw, and tremendous acting for all the cast. The episodes are so hard to watch, as a woman, because it doesn't seem so far fetched. I never read the book but read a lot before tuning in. Fair warning: There are some difficult scenes to watch. I have heard that the rest of the episodes move away a bit from the book so I'm hoping it stays a strong show.

Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Season 3 arrived this weekend! Just in time after a crappy political week (and months!). This show is very light-hearted, silly, and packed with jokes. Titus continues to be a star doing an excellent Lemonade homage. It makes me wonder why they couldn't have pitched a show around him rather than a white girl but I digress.... it's a nice comedic relief.

Netflix's Anne With an E - Throwing in a quick note about this show. I never read the books all the way through but we're all familiar with the story of Anne of Green Gables. My takeaways of those stories were a precocious orphan with a big imagination. However, this Netflix series is quite harsh. It paints a more dark version rather than what I was hoping would be an uplifting, imaginative series. I only watched 2 episodes before ditching it. I've read some other negative reviews including one from an avid fan on Twitter.

Netflix's Master of None - Season 2 has arrived! Season 1 made a big splash and was buzzed about as a millennial sitcom. I was really okay with continuous episodes like season 1 but Aziz went above and beyond making each episode like a mini movie. The first few episodes are a love letter to Italy with his character moving there to make pasta which Aziz himself did. Then the few other episodes are love letters to New York, with one episodes even being called "New York, I Love You." As well as exploring his female relationships. It really was perfecto!

Starz American Gods - I can't even explain this show to people lol. I only tuned in because it was trending on Twitter during the premiere. There is also a book about this show but I explain it to people as heavily fantasy and visual. More so probably than Game of Thrones. There's been 3 episodes but I'm pretty hooked and telling everyone to watch it. I personally am liking it over Westworld which I could never really get into. I'm enjoying all the performances and it touches a bit on our obsession with technology since the modern gods control technology vs the old guys. The modern gods can be printed in 3D or takeover televisions so there's some interesting commentary there. I enjoy reading the recaps because there's always something I missed.

Amazon's I Love Dick - I mean the name alone grabs your attention lol. It stars the hilarious Kathryn Hahn and Kevin Bacon as Dick. Kathryn is one of those actresses who has been part of great shows that just haven't been given the big spotlight. I'd say this is her first lead role and she deserves it. I also liked the concept was slightly older people - it doesn't always have to be six pack abs 20 year olds on our screens. The first few episodes are around the couple which catapults into female sexuality which leads to the other characters. I'm curious how they'll keep the premise of writing "Dear Dick" letters going.

What are you currently watching?

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