March 27, 2017

Movie Reviews: #GetOut, #KongSkullIsland, #BeautyandtheBeast

Nothing like escaping to the movies. With this current political climate and day-to-day stress, I found myself in the movie theaters recently. I haven't been to the movies in a long time since it is so expensive here in the city. I save my coins until I want to support a movie like Moonlight or Get Out. There was a growing list of new releases I wanted to check out so I decided to treat myself and go see two of them this week. It was hard to share reviews on some of these without spoilers so warning ahead!


Get Out - Saw this a little while ago but thought I'd share some quick thoughts on it. First off, congrats to Jordan for reaching $150 million! I'm not a big horror fan but wanted to see this as I heard so many good things and it was starting an important dialogue. It is as good as they say! My friend who saw it with me was seeing it for the second time and she said she picked up on so much the second time around. Jordan Peele didn't leave any detail unnoticed. SPOILERS: Although I don't watch much horror I can't recall the last time I saw a movie like that - where the black guy was the hero and the audience literally applauding when he killed the white people. Perhaps because I was in New York City and maybe that wasn't happening around the world but it was pretty powerful. Once I saw the movie, I read all the articles and listened to his interviews to get even more perspective. I highly recommend listening to Jordan Peele's interviews especially among black led podcasts as they get into the details of race that as a white woman I don't understand but need to listen to.

Sing - I ordered this on onDemand as I will rarely pay to go to a movie... let alone one with kids #crankyoldlady. I was excited to see this as it had a great cast and the trailer looked cute. I have to say it was rather underwhelming. Most kids movies have a message and I honestly couldn't find it in this one. It's all different animals getting along but they don't make it a point to talk about a monkey and a pig wanting to sing musicals. There's a little bit about the koala who wanted to open a theater but yeah not sure what that translates to for kids. I say skip it!

Kong: Skull Island - I follow fellow Straight Outta Compton actor, Jason Mitchell, on Snapchat lol and he was showing behind the scenes of filming this movie. I was like "oh jeez, another Kong movie". Then the trailers hit! Wow. They really knew how to make a damn trailer because I got super hyped to see it and I was rather disappointed. It is way too long. There was no development of a plot or the characters which I know is an odd request for an action movie but if you want to show a town village or get sappy about Kong's life on the island then develop that for the first hour then show the action. Die Hard - we get about 20 minutes of knowing who Bruce Willis is and then he spends the next hour fighting bad guys. Simple! It was a great cast so I know there were acting chops available! Brie Larson's character also bugged me in that she was one of the only female characters (the other was an Asian scientist who barely spoke a word - yippee!). She used a camera so never held a gun, fine. But they made her the weak damsel who needed to get rescued rather than letting her find a creative way to kick ass. Spoiler alert: Interesting that Samuel L. Jackson opted to be sort of a bad guy in this movie rather than a hero like in Get Out.

Beauty & The Beast - My favorite movie of all time so of course when I heard there was going to be a new one, I was there! It was an interesting tactic to do "live-action" although that made the lifelike inanimate objects a bit creepy. Somehow a talking clock in animation is much cuter than one that is lifelike. They also did some interesting takes on the plot and flow of the original movie. They added in some other details - made her a little more feminist (teaching a girl to read which apparently is a no-no), gave backstory about her mother which lead to her obsession with roses... and also interestingly gave the Beast a little more backstory of his own such as they both like Shakespeare. However, this ended up making the movie far too long. They could have removed some of the solo songs that were new to the movie imho. It did make the movie feel more modern (despite still be set in past times) or fresh as someone who has watched the original Disney version at least 20 times. One scene I didn't like how they changed was the library scene as it was a gift in the original movie, which was one of my favorite parts. But I'm nitpicking. The kids behind me at the theater seemed to enjoy it. It's a visual achievement. And when the objects turn back into people there are some great guest appearances!
P.S. The "gay" character LeFlou is so not a big deal. There's like a 2 second moment where he dances with a guy and the guy gives him a flirty smile. Calm down people!

Movies I still want to see - Logan and Power Rangers.

What movies have you seen recently?

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