March 29, 2017

Late Night Shows I'm Watching & You Should To

Thanks to the current administration, most news programs have become unbearable to watch for me personally. Working in social media I am on the networks all day which itself can be exhausting but adding this current presidency = soul sucking. Every morning I sign in to Twitter just anxiously awaiting to see what hell fire was started that day. It's only been 70 days but feels like years. Personally, I am mentally exhausted and drained every day by it so I've been keeping my news program watching to a minimum. However, it is important to stay tuned in so as not to be completely in a bubble. By all means, binge watch Buffy for a mental health break but once you do decide to turn back on the news (which it seems like many of you are) may I recommend these shows.

Three shows that have been able to keep me sane add a bit of humor. I think most people are familiar with Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO as there seems to be a weekly viral video of one of their very well thought out segments highlighting an issue in our country. His show showcases the benefit of having the week versus the 24 hour news cycle scramble to put together content. Also, I'm sure having the power of HBO behind you opens a lot of doors such as being able to interview the Dalai Llama. It's great to highlight all these issues but my beloved liberals have a tendency to get very aware when one of these shows highlights an issue and then letting it fizzle out once it's not in the news. FYI, Flint is still without clean water. Stay tuned in!

Samantha Bee's Full Frontal on TBS is on Wednesday nights provides a much needed female perspective in the late night ring. She comes from The Daily Show, which I sadly have not grown fond of Trevor Noah's humor. While at The Daily Show, Sam did excellent abroad pieces and has done a few at her new show. Full Frontal showcases the benefit of having the most diverse writing staff in late night (but still unfortunately with a white woman as the host - more voices!). She's currently keeping all the white women who marched in the Women's Day marches feet to the fire, which I think other shows are lacking. Another recent piece that I thought was really great and not something I'm seeing elsewhere was interviewing former Civil Rights activist to talk about how they made progress in this country. Spoiler alert: It didn't happen in one night.

And if you follow me on social media then you've seen me talking about these dudes non-stop - Desus Nice and The Kid Mero. A 4-night a week show on Viceland, Desus & Mero, is the only one I can stomach to watch that often that mentions a certain orange man. And I'm not just saying that because I got to hang with them. They started back in October with about 100+ episode order from Vice (I think it's 160) and about 70 episodes in they have hit their stride. It perfectly blends my sense of humor, the hard New York spirit and a perspective not represented in late night (i.e. young black men... well Mero is Dominican lol). Guests range from local rappers, sports stars and Chris Hayes (twice!). And if you're like me and can't get enough then they also have their podcast, Bodega Boys, on Fridays (typically every week). Hopefully these dudes will get you laughing your ass off too!

What shows are you watching?

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