February 11, 2017

Katie Gallagher Fall/Winter 2017 Presentation Recap

Despite a snowstorm, fashion week goes on here in New York! I decided not to venture out in the weather conditions but still wanted to recap one of the presentations I was looking forward to this season. Katie Gallagher is a New York designer that I've enjoyed covering season after season. For her Spring 2017 collection she showcased a very '90s goth look titled "Eclipse." For Fall, she continued some of that grunge theme with "Hallow."

Katie Gallagher said she found inspiration in men’s military apparel for her Fall/Winter 2017 collection. Specifically the MA-1 bomber jacket. "Like early bomber jackets that were lined in orange, Gallagher’s color palette will feature black and orange hues, which also recall the colors of autumn and death most commonly associated with All Hallow’s Eve." I loved the all black collection with the pop of orange especially on the eyes. Definitely Halloween chic.

"Hallow relies heavily on textures and subtle details, featuring point d’esprit and tulle that form non-traditional, dainty, and triangular silhouettes. Materials include airy swiss dot paired with heavy opaque wool, silk, English tulle, Mountain Goat, lambskin, and pony fur leathers." I liked the velvet touch and I see that athleisure is still around with the leggings.

Photos courtesy of Katie Gallagher. Photos of by Shawn Punch.

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