January 15, 2017

Review: @NailsInc Spray On Nail Polish

This post is a bit delayed but still thought I'd share my review in case of you were wanting to try this trend. Ever since I saw "spray on nails!" I was curious then when I was on a Sephora binge and needed to reach a certain dollar amount in my cart to get the add-on I wanted I came across NAILS INC's Paint Can Spray On Nail Polish. It was $12, around the same price as other polishes, so figured why not.

There are only 3 shades available on Sephora.com so I selected Creme Finish as it was the most natural looking color and in case it went awry no one really noticed the difference. They claim: "A quick color fix, innovative, spray-on nail polish with a never-before-seen technique that evenly and efficiently applies in seconds for perfectly polished nails."

It has a very strong smell like when you spray some gold finish on your DIY project. I recommend spraying light layers to build up to the color and ensure that you cover the full name as the power of the spray can sometimes push the polish around. It didn't take very long to dry which is a great perk. Use a base coat and then top it off with a top coat so that the rest peels away (as you can clearly see that your hands are going to look a little crazy.

I topped it off with a glitter top coat as it chips really easily. Overall, it's pretty convenient to have in a can but don't see any benefit to purchase a $12 bottle as it doesn't stay on nails very long. It's fun to try and can help with timing but I think you can pass.

Would you ever try spray on nails?

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