November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Today I'm headed down to New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with my aunt Barb and cousins who are on the East Coast. It will be an especially bittersweet family gathering as we suffered the loss of my Aunt Mary Jane earlier this month. It will be nice to be (most of us) together like MJ would have wanted. It's still sinking in for me that she will not be with us at these functions. Her presence will be missed. She always went above and beyond to bring me gifts (mostly in the form of food) and being so appreciative to have her niece visit from the big city. 

I'm thankful for the relatives I do have nearby and can go hop on a bus to visit. Thankful for my aunt Barb who will be not only be creating a lovely meal for everybody but will be also be ensuring this vegan gets to enjoy the festivities as well. Yep, I'll be celebrating my third vegan Thanksgiving this year. *pats self on the back* lol never thought I'd be here and no I don't miss meat.

Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving today!

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