October 9, 2016

Trend I'm Currently Craving: Heeled Boots

Daria Inspired Boots Fall Trend
With '90s in full swing for this fall, I've been craving some high-heeled combat looking boots or "Daria" boots. Daria really looked like she wore Dr. Martens but I wanted heeled versions but most were WAY too high.
Until I found these ASOS chunky heeled boots. I did a Snapchat poll and most of my friends were in favor of the other more bootie type shoes I purchased but I had my heart set on these. I kept them and they were surprisingly comfortable and I was able to walk in them (woo!). I did feel super tall though so if I did eat shit that it would hurt lol. Up next I'm slightly eyeing up the high-heeled Timbaland boots but might need to settle for the wedge version.

What kind of boots are you wear this fall?

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