October 5, 2016

My October Julep Maven Box

Apparently this month's Julep Maven collection was "Dark & Stormy Nights." Full disclosure: I'm a little bitter about this month's box as I didn't receive an email informing the collection was available and therefore was not able to curate my box. Instead Julep just sent me one. A bit shady in my opinion as I enjoy customizing my box and selecting add-ons. I think I got the Modern Beauty Box since I got mostly beauty products. Let's see what's inside:

- Fluid Eye Glider Liquid Eyeliner Pen $20
- CTRL + Z Eye Makeup Eraser $10
- Desiree $14
- Extras: None
"Packed with peptides, Power Cell Complex™, and botanical extracts that smooth, firm, and brighten while you sleep, this overnight mask will send you over the moon." I've already reviewed this mask and have enjoyed it especially during the winter times. I already purchased a back up one as the colder months roll in.

"A jet black, water-resistant eyeliner pen with a no-fray precision point felt tip that makes it easy to create thin or thick lines. Dries fast and stays put for 12+ hours." I will say for all my huffing and puffing this liquid eyeliner pen really impressed me. I didn't think I needed a new one but this one is pretty idiot proof. You can make all size lines with the felt tip which I usually find hard to do with the finer point ones. It LASTED all day and was actually hard to get off at the end of the day.

When I read what this was for, I chuckled. You may have seen me swatching it on my Snapchat and I was actually pretty impressed. However, I don't think you need to spend $10 on an eraser pen. When I mess up my eyeliner I usually just use a Q-tip and eye makeup remover.

What did you get in your Julep Maven box this month?

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