September 4, 2016

Weekend Recap: Strange Things

I was looking forward to a long weekend of unwinding and relaxing. I caught up on the new Netflix craze, Stranger Things. Amazing performances especially from "Eleven" aka Milly Bobby Brown. Glad it got renewed for Season 2 but I'm ready for it! I wish it was a little less scary so my nephews could watch it because it has the vibes of many coming of age '80s movies. It is not what I expected. It had a lot of weird layers but was very enjoyable.

This afternoon I went to lunch with my old coworker, Evan, and then we went to see the musical Cats. I had no idea what to expect but yeah, I can't explain it lol. As Evan summed it up walking home "Well we can cross that off the list." We saw it. It's a part of Broadway history but it's definitely a trip. I was hoping for more from Leona Lewis since I like her voice but her costume is some good inspiration for Halloween. It was also a big tourist trap - there were so many cat ears in the audience! They also opened up the stage and let you go up and take a picture during intermission with one of the cats which I've never seen at a show.

Up next, I got tickets for "Oh, Hello" with two of my faves - Nick Kroll and Johny Mulaney - opening night. So excited!

What are you up to this weekend?

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