September 12, 2016

Weekend Recap: Two Worlds I Don't Know

This weekend I watched two things that centered around worlds I have no idea about. But that is the beauty of art, exposing you to things you may not understand and opening your eyes. Atlanta on FX stars the very talented Donald Glover.

He's a young man who can't catch break and his full name is Earnest hinting at his character. The first two episodes touched on some sensitive issues as you'd be expect from a show focused on young, black youth. I'd say it's more of a dark comedy as you will laugh but also feel bad for this character. The stand out star for me is Keith Stanfield who plays the friend of the rap star. In one scene, he stands at the door with a knife ready to kill whoever comes through the door while holding a plate of cookies lol.

On Sunday I got comp tickets to see "Lured" at Theater for the New City. I took my theater buddy Evan. It is based on real events about the persecution of LGBT in Russia. It is only 3 scenes but very powerful. It is difficult to imagine that these horrific events are still happening in the modern world but lives are being ruined and ended because of these events. It ends kind of on an open-ended scene implying that the bad people have changed their mind. Definitely was enlightening as we don't see much about this on the news anymore with a particular someone who is running for president hogging all of the media's attention.

What have you been watching?

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