September 18, 2016

Katie Gallagher Spring 2017 Presentation

Last week Katie Gallagher showcased her Spring/Summer 2017 collection titled "Eclipse." It was her third all black collection which is an interesting route for Spring since you typically see bright, floral colors. It had a very "Black Swan" vibe to me with a lot of ballet inspired clothing choices from the shoes to the bodysuits.

"Gallagher's current monochromatic collection relies on textures and subtle details, highlighting her obsessions with gothic architecture, Harry Clarke illustrations and traditional Catholic rituals and symbols. She complements these heavy themes with lightweight fabrics and whimsical embroidery." The sheerness and lace details gave it a feminine edge.

Through Eclipse, Gallagher combines Swiss Dot sheer jackets with delicate lace and pony fur, English tulle skirts and tops feature embroidered hearts, dots and crosses. Gallagher pairs gathered, twisted seams with grosgrain ribbons and silver zippers, defining her Spring 2017 collection.

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