July 17, 2016

Movie Review: Ghostbusters

Can ya tell I was excited?

Ever since they announced they were going to be releasing an all female led cast Ghostbusters movie I was ecstatic! I grew up playing with the Ghostbusters packs and jumpsuits with my little brother. I loved the original movie and cast but I can't imagine how powerful it was going to be for little girls to see badass ladies on the big screen unlike I got to. Yes, Marvel and DC superhero ladies are great to see as well but most of them are in skintight outfits whereas these fabulous ladies wear some unfitted jumpsuits that make you focus on their brains, talents and humor. Then came the trolls...

With all the drama around it, I still wanted to see it. I knew it mattered to make the box office numbers big (which sucks we still have to prove women like to go to the movies in 2016) but because I wanted to be able to judge for myself whether or not it was good. Alex and I went to see it this Saturday. It was great to see the crowd was a mix of people - young couples, older couples, different ethnicities. There were some white dudes alone in the audience that I hoped weren't there to then go home and blog angrily how badly it sucked (not to shit on us bloggers).

We all laughed, some of us screamed, and in the end we all cheered. It was legit a good movie - SUCK IT HATERS! The CGI affects really made it pretty scary lol I did jump a few times. I don't think this is a spoiler by any means by now but the original cast all made cameos, which was delightful. There were definite nods to the original which I wished I had watched prior to going so I could catch all of them since it has been awhile. But even if you hadn't seen the original you could still delight in this movie. Quite frankly, Kate McKinnon stood out to me. Would've loved more from her! It wasn't too long, it told a good story, all the ladies shined. I was so relieved that it was well done, which is sad that I had to be so anxious. The fate of female-led movies shouldn't rest on ONE movie (much like Bridesmaids kind of did but Ghostbusters is a franchise... no pressure).

There were some subtleties that I'm not sure were intentional or not but I like to think they were. Such as the villain of the movie was a white guy who felt the world owed him something (sound familiar?) and when they were fighting him, to "depower" him they shot at his nether region lol. I thought it was hilarious. Then there was the "non-feminist" inside jokes such as the college they worked out of was Higgins Institute where the real Steve Higgins (from SNL & Tonight Show) played the Dean (by another name).

I would watch it again and buy it on DVD to enjoy down the line. I wouldn't see it in IMAX because it was honestly terrify me to see some of those ghosts jump out at me. They're not your Ghostbusters original ghosts. All in all, it was a great movie and I really hope they make a second one.

P.S. Stay until the end of the credits ;)

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