July 6, 2016

July 4th Weekend Recap

This July 4th weekend was jam packed! My sister and her family were coming to town for what would be the last big hoorah in New Jersey as my parents were permanently staying in California. Their Jersey house was where all the family reunions were held so it was bittersweet that we wouldn't all be gathering again like this. We made sure to hit all the spots:

Point Pleasant Boardwalk. We took my nephews for what might be their last time at the Jersey shore to play all the games and ride the rides. It was Liam's first time at the boardwalk and he seemed to enjoy himself. I won them some prizes initially with my awesome water gun skills but then quickly came the pressure to win more prizes for them! 

My sister, Liam, Nora and her baby (Vinny)

Boat ride. My sister's friend Nora has a boat so I went out with my sister on July 4th. I am not a fan of boats and have not been on one for a LONG time but I did out of love lol. Liam at first was skeptical but then was running out all confident. He's crazy.
Teaching my nephews Snapchat filters

Trivia, Wiffle Ball & Ear infection recovery. My father's trivia has become the staple in the family gatherings so of course we had one last go around. My team won! The rest of the weekend was filled with wiffle ball and lots of laying around with my nephews since they had ear infections. Auntie Kim could relate as I had many ear infections growing up and I was happy to be lazy.

Fireworks. fairs and quality sister time. There was a local fair down the street from my parent's house so we had to go check it out, then Sunday night the fireworks happened and we could see them from my parent's front yard so we could all sit out on the lawn. Overall, it was an eventful weekend but it was great to have my sister in town for quality time. I'll be headed to see her in a few weeks for birthday shenanigans. 

How was your July 4th weekend?

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