July 19, 2016

My July Birchbox

This month's Birchbox theme was Let's Do This. "This month is about the things that get you up and at 'em. Fittingly, we're spotlighting the product our subscribers say they won't leave the house without: mascara." I somehow received two boxes and praise be because this was one of my favorite boxes in a LONG time! Here's what I received:

Davines® This Is a Sea Salt Spray (3.38 fl oz/8.45 fl oz $28) | Avène Thermal Spring Water (1.76 oz $9) | Balance Me Radiance Face Mask (.5 fl oz/2.5 fl oz $20) | Oribe Brilliance & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner (.23 fl oz/8.5 fl oz $49) | bbrowbar Extra Slim Brow Pencil in Indian Chocolate $25 | benefit They're Real! mascara (.1 oz/full size $24)

"A naturally soothing source for sensitive skin since 1743, Avène Thermal Spring Water's unique composition is clinically shown by over 150 studies to calm, soothe and soften the skin. Ideal for red, sensitive or irritated skin and perfect for post-workout, travel, outdoor activities or to freshen up makeup." Kind of like Evian's misting water. It was a nice refreshing spray after a hot day but I haven't tried it after a sunburn or something so I'll keep ya posted.

"Skin-brightening fruit acid complex gives a gentle enzyme exfoliation whilst ground walnut spheres gently buff away dead skin cells. Purifying kaolin clay draws out impurities and rebalances skin, leaving it hydrated and comfortable." This was a nice gentle scrub. I wasn't totally blown away so I wouldn't repurchase a full-size sample but nice to keep for traveling.

Apparently this is award-winning! I love me some Davines so was excited to try this. It's beach wave season so was a good time to try it out. However, I didn't get to use my usual method so bare with me that these are more sad beach waves than usual. It did give my hair some lift though and I liked the smell. I'll give it a more durable run through and report back!

Was excited to see another Oribe sample in my box this month even though I wasn't too impressed with the leave-in conditioner sample last month. My hair is not really prone to leave-in conditioners so I won't hold it against them too harshly. I also was in the need for a new shampoo/conditioner. I did pair this with the sea salt spray so not sure how my hair full reacts without an added product but from what I can assess it did a good job. Didn't really see a lot of shine though. Thankfully since I got 2 boxes I can use it again.

You already know They're Real is one of my favorite mascaras so was thrilled to get not one BUT two. Birchbox did a really smart thing where they polled their users about the product they can't leave without and overwhelmingly we said mascara so they then let us choose between 5 mascaras for our add-on sample.

Top: No product, Middle: With just pencil, Bottom: With pencil + powder & wearing benefit They're Real

"The definition of brows that wow is the result of this brow tool. Not only is it waterproof, smudge-proof, and super-easy to glide on, but it also creates soft, shapely, fuller brows with a contemporary matte finish. The definer helps fill in the smallest of gaps thanks to a slim, retractable tip, and provides brows with nourishing vitamins and anti-aging antioxidants." I don't know about anti-aging antioxidants... but I did like the finish of this pencil. It is super skinny so it does get the small areas, which I don't really need with my fuller brows. I liked it but in the end had to finish off with some powder to complete the look I prefer.

What did you receive in your Birchbox this month?

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