June 30, 2016

My June Beauty Product Favorites (And Not So Favorite)

Where has the summer gone?! Today is the last day of June so it's time to round-up my favorite and not so favorite products I tried this month. Summer is in full swing here in New York City with temperatures breaking 90 degrees so it's time to switch up your beauty routine. Let's start with the favorites:

June 29, 2016

Book Reviews: The Happy Vegan & Tidying Up

Book Reviews: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up & The Happy Vegan
Books: "Oh hey, its me!" It's been a hot minute since I've finished a book. I started reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up around Christmas since I got it as a gift and well that didn't turn out so well. I've had two books sitting on my coffee table waiting for me to finish them so I did. I also ordered 4 books I wanted to read for the summer so I needed to get that started! Here are my quick thoughts on the 2 recent books I finished:

June 27, 2016

PIXI Beauty Mini Haul + Reviews

Pixi Mini Haul + Reviews
PIXI just released the pad version (that sounds weird) of their Glow Tonic toner that is a fave. Wanted to give it a try so thought I'd pick some of their other beauties as I've really only tried their makeup previously. Here are my first impressions:

June 24, 2016

Mr. Robot Pop-Up Gallery

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As soon as I heard there was going to be a Mr. Robot pop-up gallery in New York City I knew I had to visit! Over the fall break I became obsessed with the summer hit (one main reason is the star, Rami Malek) but it is also a really good show. Today I was finally able to take advantage of summer Friday at work so I walked over. In case you missed my Snapchat story, here's a quick recap:

June 17, 2016

My June Birchbox

This month's Birchbox was Everyday Magic. "Pulling rabbits out of hats is adorable, but we prefer an everyday kind of magic. This month, we'll be showing you the right products and techniques for that presto-chango payoff. Bright lipstick and blush are no-brainers, but we have a few other tricks that might just transform your routine." I went with the regular box rather than the curated and selected a sample from benefit. There was no tissue paper in the box so it felt a little thrown together in my opinion. It's been awhile since Birchbox has slacked. Here's what I received:

June 16, 2016

Mini NYX Beauty Haul + Reviews

NYX Mini Haul + Reviews
A little while I go I had a Harmon haul. You may have seen me unboxing unbagging on Snapchat. I picked up a few NYX items as I've only tried a few because I can't typically find them in my drugstores. Now that I've used them a few times, I'm ready to report!

June 14, 2016

My June Julep Maven Box

This month's Julep Maven box theme was Midsummer Light. "With June comes the promise of summer; days are longer and warmer, and our thoughts are all about bright colors, beach bonfires, and finding the perfect mani to coordinate with the swimsuit we bought two months too early. The June Collection has got that summer beauty on lockdown with vivid pastels for your fingers and toes, plus some seriously stepped up shades of Skip the Brush for your contouring, highlighting, and bronzing needs." I got the Classic With a Twist box and added on a few items. Here's what was inside:
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