May 4, 2016

Paris Beauty Haul Reviews: Yves Rocher & KIKO

While in Paris I of course had to do some beauty shopping. My former coworker who lives there took me around to some shops as well as visiting their pharmacies, which are more like fancy drugstores. Yves Rocher is a vegan friendly beauty brand I hadn't heard of before so was excited to try some of their items. KIKO was explained to me as a cheaper Sephora except they carry their own brand. The store was very sleek and was pumping modern music. I was fairly impressed with the products I did pick up. As promised here are my thoughts on some of the goodies:

24HR Anti-Perspirant in Lavender $7 - I've been experimenting with more natural deodorant options. I had actually brought my ARROW deodorant with me on the trip. I've unfortunately had issues with the roll-on aspect of this product as it has been distributing too much product onto my skin when I roll it on. So far ARROW is the best vegan friendly deodorant I've found.

Radiant Lip Crayon in Rose Sorbet $8 - Really liked this lip crayon. It was moisturizing than most but you had to layer on the color. It was a nice bright color perfect for spring.

Radiant Youth Corrector Pen $12 - I oddly had trouble finding pale shades in this store. This was supposedly the lightest but it still looked too dark to me. The packaging and formula reminded me of YSL's TOUCHE ÉCLAT. I didn't find that it lasted or hid dark circles all that way.

Flawless Skin Concealer in Rose Clair $7 - I liked the formula. It glided on smooth but I don't think the color was right.

Mat Mouse Oil Free Foundation SPF 15 ($14/ 1 fl oz) - The packaging and texture reminded me of Smashbox. However, the formula was not the same as it super goopy and didn't quite settle on my skin like Maybelline's Dream Velvet™ Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation. Not sure if I need to apply it different but I tried hands and sponge. Any suggestions?

Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner in Fuchsia $7 - This actually broke when I took the cap off but once I resharpened it, it glided on super smooth. I got it to match the lipstick I picked.

Wearing all the products
Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in Magenta $12 - I was really impressed with the packaging and formula for a fairly lower-priced brand. The color is super rich and the lipstick glides on very smoothly. It also has a lot of staying power! I had my breakfast and lunch and it was still fairly visible. I almost got a full day out of it.

Have you tried these brands before? What were your thoughts?

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