May 17, 2016

Theatre Review: American Psycho

Saturday my theatre buddy Evan and I went to see 'American Psycho.' Neither one of us had read the book or seen the movie so we were going in a little blind. He did know that there was a mix of '80s music since that's when the book came out.
Fun fact: Duncan Sheik wrote the music. For you '90s babies you may remember him from "Barely Breathing." He also did the music for the other broadway hit, 'Spring Awakening.' The premise of 'American Psycho' is that is a commentary on capitalism, corporate greed, and society in general with the analogy of a sociopathic serial killer. It starts off very climatic so it was kind of hard to live up to that bang of a moment. The set in the beginning was very Mad Men-esque to me but it's plain white while they flash different lights across it.

The good: It was really well choreographed and I enjoyed the '80s music and fashion. And I'm down with any show that includes a dramatic version of Phil Collin's "In the Air Tonight." The old lady next to Evan was telling him how she has seen it twice already. Well after seeing it, we can now understand why (hint: Benjamin Walker is in his underwear for a good portion of the play lol).

Evan and I both left feeling underwhelmed. I'd recommend skipping it. It didn't receive any Tony nominations and perhaps for a reason... the story just didn't quite anywhere for us.

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