May 31, 2016

Movie Review: The Nice Guys

This weekend my cousin and I saw "The Nice Guys." It had a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and I will admit that I was slightly drawn to it for Ryan Gosling (okay! A LOT drawn to it). It's set in 1977 Los Angeles so Ryan rocks a porn 'stache, there's a lot of polyester suits and it does center around the booming porn industry.

May 27, 2016

My May Beauty Product Favorites (And Not So Favorite)

This month Mother Nature finally blessed us with some warm days allowing me to spruce up my beauty routine. The long work days were starting to take it's toll and I needed some heavy duty products to refresh my skin. And my monthly boxes introduced me to some new favorites. Let's start with the good, shall we?

May 25, 2016

My Sephora Haul + Reviews

Sephora Beauty Haul & Reviews
We all know Sephora is dangerous for our wallets so I've been keeping a wish list of products I wanted to try from Sephora for when I had some extra dollars lying around. Last week when pay day came around I was ready to spend that money! Here's what I picked up and some first impressions:

May 23, 2016

Movie Reviews: Deadpool & Get A Job

I don't watch movies like I used to. With late nights at the office, my DVDs are collecting dust. I ended up cancelling my Netflix DVD subscription - GASP! I know I'm like the last person to use the DVD rental service but there was something to popping in a DVD. My new favorite podcast, 3 Day Rental, has gotten me in the mood for some old classic films so I find myself downloading on iTunes or Amazon. This weekend I freed up some time for myself to watch movies. Here's what I watched:

May 17, 2016

Theatre Review: American Psycho

Saturday my theatre buddy Evan and I went to see 'American Psycho.' Neither one of us had read the book or seen the movie so we were going in a little blind. He did know that there was a mix of '80s music since that's when the book came out.

May 16, 2016

#ManiMonday: Shades of Blue

4 Spring Nail Polish Colors I'm Loving
This spring I find myself gravitating towards blue shades of nail polish whereas typically in the past I've craved peaches and coral colors. Perhaps it's because Pantone's color of the year is on my mind or I have Eiffel 65's song stuck in my head. But yeah... lately my nails have been all shades of blue. Here are the colors I've been wearing:

May 13, 2016

My May Birchbox

This month's Birchbox theme was outdoor parties. "This month, we're bringing you products and tips to keep you radiant on all your al fresco adventures. First step: SPF. Not only is sun protection crucial for avoiding skin cancer, but it's also the key to health, youthful skin." Here's what I received:

May 11, 2016

Paris Beauty Haul Reviews Part 2: Merci Merci

Paris Beauty Haul Reviews: Part 2
Finishing up my Paris beauty haul! As I mentioned, while I was shopping in Paris we browsed the Pharmacies. We went to the super one, which was SUPER crowded so I kind of gravitated towards brands I recognized. Here's what I picked up:

May 6, 2016

My May Julep Maven Box

This month's Julep Maven box theme was Rainbow Bright. "This May Collection will have you singing Color Me Badd RAD! If that unicorn-dance-party vibe isn’t enough to get you grooving, pay a little lip service to our brand-new tinted lip oil treatment, Your Lip Addiction." I'm pretty sure I forgot to select my box lol because I don't remember this collection and couldn't find any emails confirming. But I ended up with the Modern Beauty box since that's what I received last month. It kind of worked out not selecting box this month as these would've been the products I would have selected. Here's what was inside:

May 4, 2016

Paris Beauty Haul Reviews: Yves Rocher & KIKO

While in Paris I of course had to do some beauty shopping. My former coworker who lives there took me around to some shops as well as visiting their pharmacies, which are more like fancy drugstores. Yves Rocher is a vegan friendly beauty brand I hadn't heard of before so was excited to try some of their items. KIKO was explained to me as a cheaper Sephora except they carry their own brand. The store was very sleek and was pumping modern music. I was fairly impressed with the products I did pick up. As promised here are my thoughts on some of the goodies:

May 2, 2016

My New Favorite Podcast: 3 Day Rental

I've shared some of the podcasts I listen to on a frequent basis but I've been introduced to a new favorite podcast - 3 Day Rental! It harkens back to the Blockbuster days and cheesy teen movies from 1995 to 2005. New episodes come out on iTunes every Friday.
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