April 25, 2016

Weekend Recap: BBQ & #Lemonade

Now that I'm working on a client that requires I do a little upkeep on the weekends, I tend not to make too many exciting plans. However, while I was in Paris I had to pick up some beauty goodies for my fellow beauty lover Laura. She promised if I brought her back some things that she'd treat me to a vegan dinner. How was I to say no? We checked out Red Bamboo because we both heard good things and it has been on my "to try" vegan list for quite awhile now. It's described as "eclectic & International, healthy, soul food"... or they have everything. I would definitely make reservations because we had to wait over an hour for a table of 2. Laura ordered creole "shrimp" and unfortunately it was not very delicious so it kind of set the rest of the meal on the wrong foot for her. I; however, enjoyed some faux ribs, which I hadn't thought to even have vegan ribs before. Then I promptly enjoyed some peanut butter cheesecake. I've missed my vegan delights here in NYC!

The rest of the weekend I was a responsible adult doing grown-up things like laundry and cleaning. I did manage to catch Beyonce's visual album, Lemonade, on HBO. It is awesome to see Beyonce step it up even though she's already on top of her game. It was beautiful and poetic. Now I'm give me the album! Then the long awaited return of Game of Thrones finally came to an end last night! I, like many female fans, have grown a little tired of the terrible plots lines (veering away from the books) for the female characters plus the constant Jon Snow guessing game but this season promised to be about the badass women. Well the premiere certainly delivered on that promise! I won't spoil anything but if you watched it, hit me up on Twitter!

What were you up to this weekend?

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