April 23, 2016

What This Vegan Ate in Paris

None of this unfortunately

Paris definitely proved to be more of a challenge than London. Parisians love their buttery croissants, cheese and crepes. They also seemed bewildered when I'd request no cheese on anything or ask for soy milk. There were a few vegan restaurants I found that were spread few and far between. It is also difficult when traveling with a non-vegan to lug around to these out of way places. If your hotel has a refrigerator then I highly recommend going to the supermarket and stocking up on a few items. Here's what I ended up eating:

My first dinner in Paris!

Steamed veggies! My diet consisted of steamed vegetables and bread. I highly recommend learning the phrase "Je suis vegetalienne" (I am vegan) along with "non formago" (no cheese). I screengrabbed the phrases on my phone to show to the waiter until I became more comfortable using the phrases out loud.

I like the geo-filters on Snapchat so I can remember where I ate 

Veggie pizza! Much like London, veggie pizza was a good fall back. I found in Paris that some restaurants had their own interpretations of what "veggie" pizza was. On our final night we went to Margherita in our neighborhood which is a really cute restaurant and a great date night option. The basically put a salad on top of a pizza (right pic). The two I had were also really thin in the middle so all the eggplants weighed it down. Kind of a bummer.

Everything was delicious!

One restaurant that I did get to was Saveurs Végét’Halles, which is about a 5 minute walk from Musée du Louvre and I found through this blog (great source, but many of the restaurants were closed so be sure to click through!). Both my friend and I got the burgers, I got the regular one and she got the crispy one. Both were delicious! I also enjoyed the chocolate banana cake which I ate every last piece of. I brought back leftovers so I could enjoy them another day. The decor was typical vegan restaurant decor to me with pumpkins on a scale and plants everywhere. I definitely felt like I was in the East Village in New York.

Supermarkets - I found some "Soja" products aka soy at the local supermarket so that proved to be helpful when I needed something to hold me over. Go early! When I went at night the store was pretty raided through. You could also shop the local farmers for fresh salad ingredients and make your own (if your stay has those types of accommodations).

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