April 15, 2016

What This Vegan Ate in London

I knew being vegan would provide it's challenges while traveling abroad. London was a really great city for options though. Many of the restaurants featured vegetarian friendly options with the V symbol next to it or were courteous enough to ask about food allergies (i.e. no dairy). If you're a carb loving vegan like me then you can opt for toast and jam in a pinch like I did at the local diner. Here's what else I ended up eating:

As I mentioned my recap,  sketch had a wonderful vegan spread for afternoon tea. Highly recommend! I hadn't eaten that good in a long time.

Near Harrods was an Italian place that had a veggie pizza option - Zia Teresa. It was a great little find and recommend for a nicer evening dinner option. The veggie pizza came with mushrooms, eggplant, spinach and sweet peppers. I ate the whole thing! Super delicious.

Around the corner was a trendy Korean place, Kimchee, that seemed to be the happening spot to go. It was super crowded and they were into everyone sitting together at a table. I had the Udon noodles with tofu. Super delicious! Asian cuisines are great options as they usually can substitute tofu or at least there are steamed veggies and rice for an option. Sorry I forgot to download the Snapchat pictures - bad blogger!

And when to in doubt - Pret is a good go-to.

Stay tuned for what I ate in Paris!

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