April 1, 2016

What Should I See In London & Paris?

Growing up in rural New Jersey, Europe seemed so far away to me. Or perhaps when you're little even the city 5 minutes away seems so far away. But I always romanticized Paris. It was the capital of fashion and the people looked so chic there. So I made it my personal goal to get myself to Paris by 30.
As school and work got more and more hectic the dream seemed further and further away. Then I turned 30. I became even more motivated and forced myself to save little by little. Well I'm happy to report that I'm making my goal come true! (Just in the nick of time too). I'll be embarking next week to London and Paris for my first trip to Europe ever. I'm excited to meet up with my blogging buddy, Sherin, from across the pond in the UK. And my former coworker, Donya, who just recently moved to Paris. Of course, my itinerary is a mile long and everyone has been so gracious to share their tips and recommended sites for my trip. I know I'll be returning so don't want to try and see it all but would love to just enjoy the cities.

Have you ever been to these cities? What were some of your favorite things to do?

P.S. I leave next Thursday for 10 days so the blog may be a little quiet. Be sure to follow on Instagram and Snapchat for updates!

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