April 4, 2016

Weekend Recap: Final Touches

This weekend I really needed to sit down and figure out packing for my trip. I haven't had much time to even think about my trip let alone get excited about it. But now I feel more prepared and this vacation could not be coming at a better time!
As for the rest of the weekend, I tuned into the Final Four. With work and all I didn't get to watch as much March Madness as I wanted to but I was rooting for Syracuse since they're kind of the "local" team and they're the underdogs. I ended up going 0 for 2 with my team picks. They were pretty boring Final Four games as both teams got beat out by 30+ points. Saturday night I stayed up to watch my man Peter Dinklage host SNL and make history being the first little person to do so. It was awful. Peter is such a fine actor and the cameos he's done on SNL in the past have been hilarious. I'm glad he stayed true to himself and didn't fall into any degrading humor about his size. They seemed to rely heavily on the Game of Thrones theme, which I get, but he's also amazing outside of that role.

That doesn't even look like Mark or Reese in the poster!

Besides catching up on shows I also watched some movies. Finally saw Ant-Man. Really wanted to see how Paul Rudd faired as a comic book character and I really liked it. The 30 secs of Paul Rudd's abs was worth it! It blended humor and heart and I personally found it more compelling then some of the other Marvel movies. Then I watched Fear starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg from the '90s. A podcast I listen to mentioned it and Broad City mentioned it this week so I felt like it the universe was telling me to watch it lol. I personally didn't like Mark's kissing style lol I felt like it was a too much and they made out a lot. The best part was the wardrobe - classic '90s. Reese's wardrobe is pretty much whats for sale in H&M right now and I wanted it all!

How was your weekend?

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