April 21, 2016

Paris Recap Part 2

Continuing with my recap of my trip to Paris with the last two days. Thursday we went to a vegan restaurant (which is hard to come by here!) so I didn't have to suffer through just bread and vegetables lol. I walked through the Jardin des Tuileries and by the Musée du Louvre. I didn't dare go in the Louvre because of the massive scale but I did snap a pic of the famous pyramid out front.

Later that night we checked out the Musée d'Orsay (a.k.a the smaller museum) which housed some Monet & Van Gogh paintings. The inside looked a lot like Grand Central terminal to me with the big clock and marble. The art was beautiful to see in person but it was unfortunately super crowded with tourists taking selfies. Ban the selfie stick!

I unfortunately didn't snap too many pics

Friday I met up with my former coworker, Donya, who showed me around the cool neighborhoods like Le Marais where we checked out some shops like Merci Merci and beauty shops like KIKO and Yves Rocher. Then Irel and I met up for our final dinner before passing out for our super early flights.

Paris was beautiful with a lot of great neighborhoods like New York City but maybe a little more spread out. The old architecture is beautiful and I loved that the people took time to slow down especially around dinner. Although I can't eat after 7pm lol but it was nice to not feel rushed like we so often do in New York. We also didn't experience any rudeness or perhaps since I live in New York nothing that came off abrasive to me. They were quite happy to find out we were Americans - "We love Americans!" I do suggest learning a few French phrases to help you get around especially if you have dietary restrictions like I do. I would definitely return!

Stay tuned for my Paris beauty haul reviews!

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