April 18, 2016

Paris Recap Part 1

Since we stayed 5 days in Paris, I thought I'd break it up into two parts so the post wouldn't be super long. We stayed in the Saint-Germain neighborhood along the Left Bank of the Seine. It is divided up - Right Bank (which houses the Louvre, Place de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe) and Left Bank (which houses the Orsay Museum, Jardin du Luxembourg & Eiffel Tower). We stayed at Hôtel de Fleurie, which was recommended by a business associate. It's a great neighborhood as it's clean, safe and fairly easy to maneuver around. The hotel is an adorable, authentic European hotel (i.e. tiny) but with modern accommodations.

After cutting our London trip short, Monday we headed on the Eurostar to Paris. It's about a 2 1/2 hour train ride. Fair warning: It's 4 seats facing each other so you'll have no leg room and you'll get really cozy with your neighbors across the aisle. Also, I recommend booking your ticket in advance because when we checked a week or so before our trip it was about half the price vs when we booked the day before. Monday was Irel's birthday so we went out to Les éditeurs in our neighborhood for her birthday dinner where she enjoyed a steak and I had some steamed veggies. (More on what I ate later!) Then afterwards we headed to the Eiffel Tower because... of course. It made the trip feel official.

The weather was a bit erratic. There would be buckets of rain for 20 minutes then it would heat up to where you didn't need a jacket. Tuesday was one of those days so after it cleared up we went to Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens), which was like a bigger Bryant Park. Locals come there to enjoy nature before returning to the hustle and bustle. Once the weather cleared up it offered great views of the Eiffel tower. There were also lots of places to get crepes so the rainy weather proved to be an optimal time to pick some up.

Wednesday we did the Seine river cruise where we saw the Eiffel Tower during the day. Then we took an Uber to Champs-Élysées which was massive like a freeway and traffic like a freeway but surrounded by shops. Then we went to the top of the Arc De Triomphe for the picturesque photos (like the one above).

More to come!

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