April 13, 2016

Guest Post: 5 Amazing Things About Rome

This guest post comes from Katy of Modly Chic . Enjoy!

Back in 2000 I got to Spend two glorious weeks in Rome, Italy. It was my first time to Europe, and really my first time out of North America. At the time, I Was in High School and still excited aim naive to the world around me. Needless to say, I fell in love with Rome. I've been back two additional times so far and Would not mind vacationing there every year. Since then I've Traveled elsewhere - Toronto, Madrid, Florence, Lourdes, Pamplona - but there is something magical about Rome.

What makes Rome so absolutely magical? Here are 5 Things That always get me every time.

History - There is something spectacular about walking streets That People built more than 2,000 years ago. To walk through the Roman Forum and the Coliseum turn, to stick my hand in the Bocca della Verita, to see the rounded dome of the Pantheon and throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain - it's all so mind blowing. No picture, not video, no postcard Does justice thesis to historical places.

Art and Architecture - Beyond all the historical places, there are so many places to See That are stunning in terms of the art and architecture of the place. As a lover Michelangelo, just His apartment in Rome alone are enough to keep you busy for days and days ... The Sistine Chapel - ah-maz-ing! Nothing compares. The Pieta --even if it can only be seen from behind bullet-proof glass - is one of the Most Beautiful pieces of art work. The dome of St. Peter's basilica - an architectural masterpiece. And so on, and so forth. It's like everywhere you walk in Rome is one amazing art architectural wonder gold partner after the next.

Gelato - You have not tried 'ice cream' up to you Have Had gelato in Rome. The best gelato in the US, just Does not compare. I do not know if it is the Italian ingredients, the scenery in qui it is Consumed, the flavors, the goal whatever it is gelato in Rome is by far the best I've yet to try. Coffee flavors Were always my favorite.

Italian Men - Sigh! Oh Italian men - police, boy scouts, residents - They are all stunning. In my defense, I Went as a shy and totally one-confident teenager. It felt like American boys never Looked at me twice BAM And Then I'm in Rome and it felt like a shot of confidence every time I Walked outside and some Italian guy Said hello or wanted to talk or shot out compliments. True, It was probably just cat calls and an Attempt by vendors to make more money, for this purpose shy teen It was Such a great feeling.

Fashion - Europe is always ahead of the trends in terms of fashion and style. I loved seeing what the upcoming trends Were and coming home with something That Would Be ahead of the curve here in the States. Usually I came home with au moins un fashion scarf and a trendy bag from all my trips. PS ... My sister just got back from Rome and she Said the small scarves tied around the neck are all the rage over there now. So get ready to leave behind the blanket scarves in the months / year ahead.

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