April 7, 2016

Gone On Vacation!

Today I'm taking my first vacation in 8 years. It could not come at a better time! I'm spending 4 days in London and 4 days in Paris. Both will be a first for me and my friend, Irel, who is coming with me. Of course our itinerary is a mile along (and thank you to everyone who commented with their recommendations!) so we'll see what we manage to see. But I'm just excited to be in these cities that I've dreamed of going. While I'm gone I thought I'd remind you of some of the travel posts I've featured on the blog while I'm gone:

- My packing tips that I still abide by
- Beauty items I love to travel with (and help me avoid those pesky regulations!)
- Guest post on how to travel light and still look like a million bucks

And stay tuned for some guest posts!

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