March 7, 2016

Weekend Recap: Getting in Touch With My Artistic Side

It's been a stressful time at work. Between working late hours, trying to catch up on sleep and trying to maintain somewhat of a social life that hasn't left much time for the blog. Usually I leave the weekends for catching up on blogging stuff but now work has slowly crept into my weekends and I typically just want to tune everything out and relax my brain (and sleep in). Hopefully I'll find the balance soon. But anyways.... here's what I did get around to this weekend:

I was going for the trees in Lorax

What I painted: Some trees. It has been quite some time since I indulged my artistic side. When I was younger I used to do pottery classes or in middle school we went to countless parties at Color Me Mine. Muse Paintbar is like that but for grown-ups (i.e. with alcohol). My co-workers have been talking about doing more activities together so we settled on this idea. As you may have seen on Instagram, it turned out to be a big ladies's night out idea so poor Jonny and Jason were the only heterosexual dudes there lol. Everyone had a good time though and we all got something to go home with to remember the evening. I was also very proud that we all went a little rogue from the actual painting we were supposed to draw. Go creatives! I'd recommend it.

What I saw: More snow! Despite snowing on Friday, it was a lot more pleasant this weekend. It is supposedly going to be 70 on Wednesday! Mother Nature likes to tease us with hints of spring this time of year.

What I watched: I finished watching "Love" on Netflix. It's stars Gillian Jacobs from NBC's Community and is created by Judd Apatow. Gillian plays Mickey, an addict (drugs, alcohol and love) who meets a "nice guy" and tries to figure out how to get her life together so she can be with him. It has it's sweet moments but it's definitely not as great as Masters of None. Or maybe I'm just biased because Masters of None is mostly shot in New York City. I contemplated starting to watch Season 4 of House of Cards, which came out this weekend but I was so bored with last season. I'll have to see if people are really loving it before I make that commitment.

What I listened to: Kendrick Lamar's "untitled unmastered."

What were you up to this weekend?

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