March 18, 2016

Battle of the Concealers: Maybelline vs Make Up For Ever

Ever since I picked up Maybelline's Master Conceal I've been wanting to compare it to Make Up For Ever's HD concealer because to me they promise similar things and Maybelline essentially made a carbon copy of the packaging implying it's the drugstore dupe. Since I'm close to running out of my Master Glaze concealer, I finally splurged on Make Up For Ever's best-seller. So here are my thoughts:
MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Concealer (.23 oz $27) - This concealer gets so hyped up and for $27 I had a lot of hopes. It promises to help conceal dark circles as well as provide highlighting. As a fair skinned lady, it recommended shade Y21 but I found it VERY pale (which is saying a lot for me). In the photos it looks alright but to me it was like the opposite of raccoon eyes, like it was white. I also didn't think the coverage was the best. This concealer I only kept to my under eye area whereas Master Conceal I felt like could be used in all different areas of my face (kind of in a contouring way). For me personally, I feel like I have to pair this with another product to get fuller coverage and to blend better with my skintone.

Maybelline® Face Studio Master Conceal™ (.4 oz $7) - You get a little more product for $20 less! Can't beat that. If I pair with some HD powder (or "baking") then I find it will last. 10 Fair color works well with my fair skin. It is lightweight but could be built up. But as I mentioned above, I feel like this concealer works well in other areas other than just my under eye area. Perhaps the MAKE UP FOR EVER hides my dark circles better but I can just add some highlighter.

These aren't quite dupes since the coloring is a little different but I think you could easily save yourself some dollars using Maybelline's concealer. I would repurchase Master Conceal but not MAKE UP FOR EVER's. It didn't blow me away so why spend nearly $30 when I can spend less than $10? Now you weigh in...

Have you tried either one of these concealers? Which did you prefer?

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