February 20, 2016

Febuary TV Reviews

February can tend to be a lag month for great programming since sports tend to take over. However, that doesn't seem to be the case with record numbers tuning into the OJ Simpson drama on FX and we also welcomed the first woman to late-night, Samantha Bee on TBS. Here's what I watched this month:

Netflix's Chelsea Does...  - A late January release. Netflix made a pretty huge deal with Chelsea Handler last year so I was curious what the results would be. Part one was this docu-series and the second part (which is still to come) is her "late night" talk show. Chelsea is now 40 and single so she decided to do some soul searching in these four episodes. In "Chelsea Does Marriage" I could relate whole-heartedly; however, the rest of these episodes were yawn worthy. She's not going to solve racism in 50 minutes. Definitely disappointing so my hopes for her talk show have gone down.

FX's Baskets - The premise alone is hysterical: "Chip Baskets has a dream: become a classically trained French clown in Paris. Things don't go as well as he'd like, though..." so he moves back home to Bakersfield, CA. Louis C.K. and Zach Galifianakis teamed up for this comedy. Now, you would think those two people together would create a very bizarre show, but it is not as high brow as you would expect. It is a little sweet and endearing. There are definitely bizarre undertones but it is a very watchable/enjoyable show. And Louie Anderson is amazing. He kills this performance.

FX's The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story - I remember the infamous white Bronco car chase on television. I remember every channel showing the court room of this trial. I didn't quite understand the implications or why it was a big deal. It is definitely a story worth of being told and the show has been a big hit. It's a mini-series like True Detective... where they kind of give the back story to each of the main characters. It is amazing what a big story it was before social media was even around. The casting is amazing with not only them looking eerily similar to certain people but great performances all around. I could do without the Kardashian part (eye roll). The crime scene photos are a little eerie since it's a real case. I learned things I hadn't before so I'd definitely recommend.

TBS Full Frontal with Samantha Bee - A lady in late night! Samantha Bee comes from The Daily Show to host her own show. I never fully appreciated her until now. Her pieces on The Daily Show were always amazing but she really shines in this show. It is much "edgier" than The Daily Show and she does some amazing field pieces. She interviewed Syrian refugees in Jordan. I always enjoyed those pieces on The Daily Show but she is really delivering with this show. Hopefully TBS will let her stick around!

HBO's Vinyl - It had a fairly decent cast. I love Bobby Cannavale as I've seen him on Broadway and in movies. However, this is the case of TV execs loving an idea and not wanting to give up on it despite viewers not tuning in. I honestly fell asleep lol the first episode is 2 hours long. There were definitely lots of parts that could have been edited down (like the first performance....). I may recommend to my Dad since he grew up with the Stones; however, it's not for me like FX's "Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll."

What did you watch this month?

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