January 26, 2016

My Favorite People to Follow on Snapchat

With the White House joining, Snapchat has officially made it! My first time opening the app, it definitely overwhelmed me and I had no patience to try a new app. Then they came to my agency and they gave us quick tips and I found myself instantly enamored. So in just 2 months, I went from being completely baffled by Snapchat to it being the first app I open up in the morning (over Twitter, which is saying something!). On my company's podcast, Tuesdays with Toni, she highlighted the real appeal of Snapchat "it's the anti-Instagram" which has become so fake looking. It's so staged, curated which can be great but it feels inauthentic where Snapchat is more "real" and unfiltered (pun intended). Here are some people I've enjoyed following:


Kevin Hart - Who gave this crazy man a Snapchat? lol he basically harasses everyone from his fiancee to his trainer and has even snapped on the toilet. Been enjoying his snaps with Ice Cube during their international Ride Along 2 promo tour.

Kate Hudson - She gets some of her famous friends on it (like a drunk Alan Cumming lol) or behind-the-scenes makeup prep. She recently played with an adorable baby panda for the promo of her movie Kung Fu Panda. 

And of course DJ Khaled as he provides every day inspiration that I look forward to. Current catchphrase: "My price just went up!"


Yes Julz - She's probably the most famous "Snapchat influencer." She does a great job opening up her life on the platform and gives me lots of ideas of how to use it.

Ingrid Nilsen - A popular YouTuber that just had the opportunity to interview President Obama. She's dating another popular YouTuber Hannah Hart. It's cute to see them together.

Jackie O (jackieaina )- She's hilarious! She's really great at having fun, showing off her personality during her snaps of makeup tutorials. If you like a little sass with your blending tips then I'd follow her.

Style & Beauty Dr. (stylenbeautydoc) - I've had the pleasure of meeting Danielle several times at blogging events and I have to say she is one of the most genuine bloggers I've met. Her snap is a bit of her personal life, behind-the-scenes of her video shoots and unboxing of all the fabulous goodies she gets.


Byrdie (byrdiebeauty) - I think one of the most well done Snapchat accounts (imo). I follow a few beauty brands but each week I find myself weeding them out because they all do the same thing or aren't creative. Byrdie definitely is cohesive.

POPSUGAR (popsugar.com) - I think their snaps are really well done. They give helpful tips in short stories (not always beauty related). Definitely a brand to model your Snaps after.

Glamour (glamourmag) - They get a lot of great behind-the-scenes access. Right now they're at Sundance so you can see all the celebs snapping for the first time lol.


Another cool feature on Snapchat is the Discover hub. I feel like I can catch up on news, celeb gossip and enjoy a little comedy break. The channels I tend to check out daily are Comedy Central. Vox & WSJ. And DJ Khaled has taken over Fusion this week so MORE KHALED!


Another great aspect of Snapchat that other social media networks try to capitalize on (i.e. Twitter Moments) is their live stories. I always tune into the NFL ones. They had great filters for the New York blizzard this past weekend. When the Snapchat team came into work they said they had curators who make those stories (it's not an algorithm) so that's cool.

If you're on Snapchat, let me know in the comments or on social media so I can follow you. I'm kimberleevdw like all my social media channels :)

Who do you like following on Snapchat?

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