January 4, 2016

#FJDecemberDetails Recap

1: List - quickly handwrote a list for the photo // 4: Something red - Empire State Building was thankfully red // 8: Shopping - gotta love Sephora // 9: Decorations - the lobby at work // 12: Believe - Macy's Herald Square // 16: Lights - walking home, the city was in the holiday spirit // 17: Cards - Drake cards for everybody! // 21: Where I stand - sidewalk art around the city // 31: Celebrate - sibling photo from Christmas Eve dinner

December I decided to participate in Felicity's Photo a Day challenge on Instagram. I'm always unsure about what to post on Instagram and needed some inspiration. I really enjoyed the photo a day challenge because
A) it made me plan ahead of what I was going to post. "Oh the Empire State Building is red tonight, I know I have to post something red in a few days, let me take a pic." It was great to train your brain like that. And, B) it made me enjoy my beloved city more. As a New Yorker, I'm just hustling and bustling through this magnificent city and rarely to stop and take a pic of it. When I take a pic of New York it is typically one of my most liked so you would think I'd remember to snap more pics lol. Admittedly many of the photos of the city are a pain like the Macy's Believe sign and the Rockefeller tree since it is such a crowded area but you gotta do it for the Insta! I did also admittedly miss a few days especially when I was traveling at the end of the month. But all in all, I enjoyed the challenge and hopefully you enjoyed the photos.

Have you participated in a photo a day challenge? Did you like it?

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