January 19, 2016

January TV Reviews

There's been a mix of shows, TV movies and mini-series this month. First off, congrats to Rachel Bloom of Crazy Ex Girlfriend on her Golden Globe! So glad this weird show is getting recognized lol. This month I'm watching my usual - Shameless and Younger TV. Both just got picked up for another season so I'll be watching more - yey! Here are the new shows I tuned into this month:

VH1's The Breaks - I'm all for '90s nostalgia, especially hip hop based. VH1 is not known for their quality programming. This definitely stood out on the network in a good way. Hope they make another one.

HBO's J. Cole Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming - This was a multi-part series on HBO centered around the release of J.Cole's PLATINUM record "Forest Hills Drive." It really was one of the best albums last year so good on HBO for getting the behind-the-scenes. It ended with a big homecoming concert. It was also a lesson in how to promote your album with a small budget. He really reached out to his fans via social media and it obviously paid off.

NBC's Shades of Blue - J.Lo "strips down" for this gritty crime drama. How many cop dramas can you make? It is definitely visually different than most NBC shows and it has popular music played in it, which I thought was an interesting choice (like Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People"). I see the potential in this show but like most shows, it can easily get taken off the rails. Since there are so many layers you'll have to invest in it so I may binge watch at the end of the series.

NBC's Telenovela - Eva Longoria returns! You may also noticed a theme that networks are now capitalizing on popular trends. With the success with Jane the Virgin, I'm glad NBC gave this show a shot. It's a sweet, 22-minute comedy that has a mostly Latino cast. Much like Jane the Virgin too, it is meant to be overdramatic so fair warning. Great to have diversity on a network show and it's light-hearted, which I need in between my dramas.

Showtime's Billions - A new Showtime show starring Paul Giamatti and Sorkin is involved. So of course there's "witty" dialogue of powerful white men. I honestly can't watch another show about powerful, hedge fund type guys playing God. I love you Giamatti but I'm probably going to skip this show.

In "Kim is late to the party" I binged Mr. Robot this weekend and hello Rami Malek! Unlike Billions, the powerful white men are at least being taken down (or attempted to be). Glad I finally decided to tune in.

What shows are you watching this month?

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