January 15, 2016

My January Birchbox

First Birchbox of 2016! I missed out on the Korean curated beauty (boo!) so I got the traditional box. It came with stickers so you could fill in the front of the box "2016: The Year of __." But onto the beauty products! Here's what I received:

I always appreciate when I receive a shampoo AND conditioner sample so I can use them together. This claims to "reverse hair dullness caused by product buildup, hard water and environmental factors. It delivers a megadose of grapefruit seed extract in a sulfate-free formula that cleanses thoroughly, yet gently, leaving hair that sparkles and shines." These were both super lightweight and smelled great. I didn't get the super fabulous results I would with other shampoos and conditioners but I'll keep these for travel.

This cleanser "transforms from a creamy yogurt into a lush foam that instantly wakes up and revitalizes the skin. The formulation is tailored to the skin's specific daytime needs. It features mandarin, bergamot, and apricot fruit extracts to purify and hydrate, while probiotics and vitamin C nourish and protect. The result is skin that looks and feels soft, healthy, and radiant." Major key: day cleanser is NOT the same as nighttime cleanser. This one is supposed to accompany their vibrating Clarisonic type brush so instead I lathered it up with my fingertips - old school style. I have been using it all week and have been enjoying it; however, wouldn't repurchase because of the price and can get similar results with a drugstore product.

You may recall I haven't been wearing red lips a lot this season. This is a great option for a classic red lip stain. The stain LASTS and I think the color is flattering on many skin tones. However, I have SO many so this isn't worth keeping around but if you come across it, I'd recommend it. It's only $6! It also stains like hell. I accidentally got some on my finger and it took DAYS to come off even with several hand washes and a shower so be warned.

And these were the stickers... I went with "Fearlessness." You may have also noticed I didn't review the eyeliner. I also have WAY too many black eyeliners (and I rarely use black eyeliner) so I ended up giving it away.

What did you receive in your Birchbox this month?

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