December 21, 2015

December TV Reviews

There's been some great television his month! Update on November shows - I gave up on AHS. Sorry folks. It was getting too weird lol. Super excited for Rachel Bloom of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on her Golden Globe nomination! Such an underrated show. But here's what I've been watching this month:

Netflix's Marvel's Jessica Jones - The much anticipated Netflix/Marvel series premiered late in November so it's part of this month's round-up. I binged it one weekend and have re-watched it - so good. For those who don't know the story - Jessica Jones is like an "anti-hero" as in she doesn't like her powers and rarely uses them for good. She gets mind controlled by a man named Killgrave. "Killgrave" makes people terrible things so it does get it a bit gory - fair warning. It is tough to watch my beloved Doctor Who, David Tenant, play a bad guy but he does a wonderful job. It also inspired me to watch Alias, another show about a kickass woman and I'm loving it. Binged Season 1 already.

Netflix's W/Bob & Davd - aka Mr. Show for Netflix lol. Since they couldn't get the name from HBO they opted for "W/ David and Bob." It's the same concept - a bizarre sketch show. It's only 5 episodes so it's a fun option in between heavy dramas. If you love David Cross or Bob Odenkirk or both of them together then you'll enjoy this Netflix revival.

Amazon's Transparent (Season 2) - I loved Season 1 and so glad it got such great recognition during award season. Now the Pfeffermans are back for season 2 and are still a mess. They continue to explore human sexuality and it's fluidness with flashbacks to the thirties. Jill Soloway beautifully continues to pushes the boundaries.

Netflix's F is for Family - One of my favorite comedians/podcasters Bill Burr has his a Netflix original series set in the '70s when families were a little less PC. It's a blend of Family Guy and All in the Family. It's only 6 episodes so you can breeze through. I quite enjoyed it and hope Netflix sees it's potential.

What are you watching this month?

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