December 29, 2015

Cali Recap

I'm back baby! I landed back in New York last night. Thought I'd give you a quick recap of my trip to California where I spent the holidays. Gifts and shipping were a bust for me this year. First, two gifts I ordered on Amazon did not arrive before I left. And then apparently USPS made a new rule that any packages shipped after December 21st wouldn't be shipped priority so the box I overnighted on the 22nd didn't arrive until AFTER Christmas. That was a bit of a bummer. Thankfully I was able to last minute shop for everyone and when the gifts arrived everyone liked the gifts. I got my sister a coffee shirt (per her request) so she is officially part of the fashion blogger community lol. Santa was very kind to me and got me lots of beauty products.

For Christmas Eve, we had a fancy dinner where we took some sibling photos since we never take any in our adulthood. We played lots of board games. My nephews enjoyed LIFE and my sister and I played the Scandal board game because we're fans of the show. Or so we thought... we were terrible! It was SO hard lol. Got some good nephew time in. Jacob, who is 7, is now Auntie Kim's height and Zach, who is 4 (soon to be 5) is only 2 inches away! Liam is 17 months and already causing chaos! My sister gave him is own hashtag #babychaos. We played with the electric cars my parents got them. I used to play in one when I was younger for HOURS. Auntie Kim doesn't quite fit on them as you may have seen in my Snapchat (@kimberleevdw).

One thing I did want to try and do while I was there was see Sisters with my sister. Thankfully we were able to squeeze it in. It's hard to put Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in a movie and not make a great movie. It was very enjoyable but I would say they could've edited it down a bit. My sister and I weren't really either one of the characters either lol. Sorry I didn't grow up to be the crazy, single sister who doesn't have her life together, Ker!

How was your holiday break?

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