November 13, 2015

November TV Reviews

Looking for some new shows to watch? I've been enjoying some new series. I'm still watching my October picks (although I'm catching up on the weekends so no live tweeting). Here are my thoughts on new shows that premiered this month:

CBS Supergirl - With record ratings for it's first episode, it's clear that there is a huge need for a female superhero in primetime. Thankfully this show is a great start. Besides some questionable dialogue about her being "hotter without glasses" this show is pretty great all around. Melissa Benoist who plays Supergirl is wonderful, great to see Ally McBeal (aka Calista Flockhart) on TV and Mehcad Brooks is pretty damn easy on the eyes. I'm not familiar with the original story so not sure what my nerds think but I liked it and hope it continues to have staying power. Or girl power... 

CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Bravo to the CW for bringing something this refreshing to the mainstream. Thank you to my co-worker Evan for getting me to tune in. I was hesitant because of the name but they address is it in the opening sequence. Rachel Bloom has been doing comedy & singing for awhile and the show features some Broadway stars so the singing is on point. It is written by women so there's a lot of exploration into the female mind - there's even a joke about patriachy! I think if you're a fan of musicals or need a light-hearted show between the heavy dramas out there then definitely check this show out.

Netflix's Master of None - Aziz Ansari is delightful in this Netflix original! It is like a continuation of his book Modern Romance in TV format. Aziz plays a single guy balancing friends with kids and single friends who have no interest in settling down. Aziz's real parents play his parents in the show. His Dad is hilarious lol and has become a celeb in how own right. It is such a progressive show (which is sad to say) and so wonderfully done. Best new series - well done Aziz!

Comedy Central's Six Guys One Car - aka Dormtainment. 6 guys started a sketch comedy show on YouTube and now they have their second season on Comedy Central with the web series Six Guys One Car. I love these guys! I went to their show last night for the New York Comedy Festival and it was tons of fun. Get them boys a show!

Looking forward to Netflix's Jessica Jones premiering at the end of the month. Been looking forward to this for months! Krysten Ritter is great and knew she'd kick ass in this role. Also, my boo Theo Rossi signed on for a small part so excited to see him back on the small screen again.

What are you watching this month?

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