November 10, 2015

Movie Reviews: Southpaw, Iris & Beasts of No Nation

This weekend I caught up on my Netflix queue. I've been meaning to catch up on a lot of movies. Thankfully all of these movies I enjoyed! I recommend them all but be warned that you'll probably want some tissues:

Southpaw - I heard critics moaning and groaning that this was just another boxing movie. What did you expect? Not sure how many ways you can tell this kind of story. I really enjoyed it! I cried way more than I wanted to lol thought I would just relax on a Friday night but I was in for a surprise. Gyllenhaal always throws himself into a role. The relationship with his daughter was the endearing part. And Marshall killed the soundtrack! I'd recommend it but be sure to bring the tissues.

Beasts of No Nation - You know I'll watch anything Idris is in but this was also generating Oscar buzz. It is about child soldiers so not a light topic. You're introduced to this family in Africa with a narration from a little boy. It will take you on an emotional roller coaster as you follow the main character, a young boy, who is captured and made into a child soldier alongside Elba.
It's directed by the guy from HBO's True Detective. There are a lot of first time, unknown actors (the main child is amazing) that deliver amazing performances. I recommend it but be warned that you will need to watch something happy/mindless afterwards.

Iris - For those who may not be familiar, Iris Apfel, is a fashion icon at 93 years old. She's done it all in the business and is a staple in the New York City fashion scene being buddy buddy with the adorable Bill Cunningham. "Everything is homogenized, I hate it." She had a lot of great quotes about fashion but also about life. She says you can't have it all "Something has to give and sometimes it's you" when she was asked why she didn't have kids. I especially loved the relationship with her husband Carl. She's so sassy and she adores her #goals! He sadly passed away recently at the ripe age of 100. This is a great, more light-hearted documentary that you'll definitely feel inspired after watching.

Have you seen these movies yet? What were your thoughts?

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