November 4, 2015

Carrie Bradshaw Taught Me How to Wash My Bras

There are some things in life that signal that you are getting older and maturing. Your wardrobe starts to evolve, you stop buying fast fashion, you establish a steady beauty routine... and for me you invest in some "classy lady bras" (as I refer to them). A few weeks ago I went to the Journelle store for the first time with Alex to buy some decent bras. I gave up on Victoria's Secret bras many years ago and was doing fine with GAP Body or Aerie bras. However, when I hit 30 I felt like I needed "classy lady bras."

Some of my new fancy lady bras

My typical bras were more "sporty" and didn't really make me feel like a 30 year old woman. If that makes sense? I would toss them in the washing machine along with everything else. But you can't do that with a $50 bra! You must hand wash. Now, I recently started hand washing clothes (tutorial here) but never really thought to do it for my under garments. They were just casual cotton typical nude colored bras. Nothing exciting. I vividly remember a scene in Sex in and the City where Carrie is in her bathroom and she is soaking her bras in the sink then slinging them over her shower to dry off. But those were fancy, lacy, grown woman bras. I had officially made it! I had fancy bras like Carrie Bradshaw where I had to soak them in a sink. Hand washing helps preserve them and if you have any padding it helps keep them from bunching up. Another fun fact I learned at the store was your bra is originally supposed to fit on the tightest hook as bras stretch over time so eventually you'll be on the last hook. Then it's time for a new bra. I'm growing up guys!

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