November 24, 2015

How I Fill In My Brows

I love me a bold brow. I often get compliments on my brows and asked how I fill them in since they look natural. I go back 'n forth between powder and mousse depending on the look I want to achieve so I thought I'd show you the two options.


What I used: DHC's Designing Pencil Eyebrow // blinc eyebrow mousse // Brush: billion dollar brows brow brush
For a bolder, all day look that won't budge then opt for mousse. I used to be afraid of mousse as if applied too generously you can become a meme. Thankfully I found a color that matched my natural color and found a technique that work for me. It is also less tedious then applying powder so when I feel lazy this is the method I opt for.

Step 1: Use pencil to fill in the mostly bare areas. For me, my hair is thin so the edges are very thin despite not plucking/waxing the hairs. *Kim's tip: do this after applying all your makeup. This is my second to last step (mascara is last).

Step 2: Apply mousse. First I use the the tip point to dispense since a lot can come out on the wand then brush through the hair.

Step 3: Let dry for a few minutes and brush out. Personally I prefer to "buff out" the mousse with a brow brush but you should let the mousse dry so I do a few things (i.e. brush teeth) before doing so.

What I used: DHC's Designing Pencil Eyebrow // bareMinerals brow powder // Brush: billion dollar brows brow brush
Powder is my preferred look as I think it's more natural; however, it requires a more steady, patient hand which I don't always have in the morning.

Step 1: Use pencil to fill in the mostly bare areas. Recommended if you have thin hair like me. You can do it without but I feel like it helps me from building up too much on the thin areas.

Step 2: Use powder brush to apply powder. I start on the outside for a heavier look and work my way in to where I need less product.

Final step - I also recommended buffing out a little with the brush to ensure that it's evenly applied.

And for a night-out, long-lasting look opt for a combo like I did for the Adele outfit post.

Do you fill in your brows? What do you prefer?

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