November 23, 2015

Hello From the Other Side

Last weekend I strolled through Central Park with Alex to appreciate the fall beauty before the seasons changed. Us New Yorkers rarely ever take the time to stroll the Central Park (mostly because of tourists) but it is amazing to have such a quiet place in this bustling city. I also thought it was great opportunity to recreate the Adele "Hello" music video minus Michael Lee from The Wire (real name: Tristan "Mack" Wilds - look him up!).

Wearing my Old Navy cocoon coat | American Eagle half/half faux leather leggings (similar here)

Like all of you, I'm sure, I've been keeping "Hello" on loop. Adele revealed the song was to her younger self, which ripped at my heart strings even more. Adele just gets us white girls lol this SNL sketch proves she unites us all.

I twirled in the wind...
Hey, they all can't be winners
I kicked up some leaves...

And even tried to look sultry...

 I spared you having to hear me trying to sing like Adele though... you're welcome. 

Photos courtesy of Alex Shook

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