November 2, 2015

Halloween Recap & That Awkward Time I Met Victor Cruz

Me posing like a dork // My nephews with their friends about to go trick o' treating

Halloween is my favorite holiday of all (although Christmas presents are pretty rad). My apartment looks ready for Halloween year round #skullsonskullsonskulls. Wednesday was our office costume party but since I had to go out afterwards to celebrate my co-worker's last day I didn't want to be too dramatic so I opted for a glamorous gothic look along with some ombre nails. Since Halloween fell on a Saturday this year and people were going to take the opportunity to get drunk all day, I stayed in and watched my favorite Halloween movies including Hocus Pocus. My nephews were a ninja, an angry bird and a clone trooper.

I also watched Showtime's documentary "I Am Giant: Victor Cruz" about one of my favorite Giant's players, Victor Cruz. He is currently rehabbing an injury from last season and this documentary got up close and personal about his journey back to the field. He even broke down talking about his father's suicide. Great learning more about him and I have even more respect for him. Oh... and did I mention I met him last week at his denim launch party last week?! I TOTALLY PLAYED IT COOL YOU GUYS... not. I don't even think I made eye contact. Just shook his hand, was like "huge fan," smiled, Laura took the pic and I walked away. Well done Kim. Everyone was commenting on how big my smile was! #fanggirlmoment You can keep your boy bands, I'll take my NFL players lol. Texted my brother and Dad the photo (because they are Giants fans) and they're like "tell him get back on the field!" No chill.

How as your Halloween weekend?

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