October 16, 2015

October TV Reviews

This Fall there hasn't been a whole lotta of new shows I've been interested in. The only new show in September I have maintained watching is Blindspot. TBX I'm waiting to binge on since it's a slow moving show. Here's what I tuned into this month:

FX "American Horror Story: Hotel" - I've never watched one of these AHS series. It didn't seem up my alley but I wanted to tune in for Lady Gaga. She and her wardrobe definitely delivered. There was also Matt Bomer's beautiful body to enjoy. It was an interesting story that was beautifully shot with a great soundtrack (i.e. the final song was "Hotel California" lol). The outside world seemed WAY more modern though since the hotel is very retro and everyone dresses retro. Kind of took me out of it a bit. I think it will be a show I binge at the end since it's so late and not a show I want to watch before going to bed.

FOX's "Grandfathered" - John Stamos is 50 year old bachelor who finds out he has a kid and a grandkid. He learns from him and the son teaches him... blah blah. Could be a mind numbing sitcom but it showed some potential. Mostly because of the female counterparts. Hope they continue to get equal screen time and it doesn't go off the rails.

FOX's "The Grinder" - It's a pretty genius concept - Rob Lowe plays a tv lawyer whereas his brother played by Fred Savage (Wonder Years!) is actually a lawyer. The 22 minute sitcom is so old to me but this show was pretty enjoyable. Love Rob & Fred and they have great chemistry together.

Hulu's "Casual" - I have not yet invested in a Hulu subscription so I'll have to wait to finish some of these series but I'm enjoying them. Based on the pilot, it is a similar concept to Transparent (minus the trans mom) but it's self-absorbed children who struggle to deal with this big family trauma. They're all flawed (as we all are) and are overly close. When all the episodes are available I'll binge it.

What shows are you watching this month?

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