October 2, 2015

Yay Or Nay?: Nail Rings

First it was knuckle rings... now it's nail rings! I've been seeing fingernail rings on Pinterest and fashion magazine spreads. Thought the look might be a little impractical but I found a set at H&M so picked them up. I have to say there are some benefits - 1) Great way to hide a nail flaw lol. 2) Add some pizazz to your nail art.

You may have seen this mani on Instagram. Wearing one of the H&M rings (set of 4 was $7.99) along with flash tattoos on my Julep Rayma nails.

Bling Ring Knuckle Set via Pixie Market $14 

I like these because they're adjustable so they can be knuckle or fingernail. I'm having fun with them on my manis.

Would you wear this trend?

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