September 25, 2015

September TV Reviews

Fall TV is back! September signals the beginning of football season, the start of fall and a slew of new tv shows. I'll be tuning into my favorites - Scandal, Empire, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Castle, Last Man on Earth, Jane the Virgin (and I'm sure I'm missing some). Let's discuss the new series:

NBC's The Carmichael Show - NBC put a black family on TV! Amazing. It follows the standard sitcom format while touching on some very real issues such as #BlackLivesMatter and transgender issues. I've loved Jerrod's stand-up specials so it's refreshing to see this show on network television. It also just got picked up for another season so yey!

FX's The Bastard Executioner - From my man Kurt Sutter who created one of my favorite shows of all time, Sons of Anarchy. TBX is set in 14th century Wales so there's a lot of religious undertones while mixing in Sutter's notorious brutality. Definitely not for the faint of heart. If you're a fan of Kurt Sutter's then you'll enjoy this show. I wasn't hooked immediately like I was after the first episode of SOA but I definitely want to find out how the story unravels.

Hulu's The Mindy Project - I was pretty excited Hulu saved this show because we need more diversity on television and more female led shows. It is not following the typical binge format as Hulu is only releasing one episode per week. The first episode starts as this "what would happen if Danny & Mindy never got together" premise, which is a bit cliche. It's still the same ol' Mindy so looking forward to more episodes.

NBC's Blindspot - This was getting iffy reviews but I wanted to tune in because rarely do we get a badass female lead. The lead actress was one of my Best Dressed from the Emmys this past weekend also. Simple premise: A mysterious women pops out of a bag in Times Square covered in tattoos. Bravo to the writers for creating an eye-catching opener, which is hard to do in television these days. Of course there was to be sexual tension with the fellow FBI officer but I hope they focus more on her badass martial arts moves.

ABC's The Muppets - Why did it take ABC so long to bring this show back? I think it's safe to say everyone loves The Muppets. It is not the same Muppets we grew up with though so it may ruin your childhood memories. It is like a parody of 30 Rock where it's behind-the-scenes of a late night talk show hosted by Miss Piggy. There were some cringe-worthy jokes about Miss Piggy (fat, crazy bitch, etc), which is off putting. They showed the break-up footage of Miss Piggy & Kermit and I was literally choking up lol. Hopefully the show finds it's grove as I love them. AND Denise is the WORST #thirstypig.

Netflix's Narcos - This Netflix original was generating a lot of good reviews so I tuned in. Typically not my genre. It is loosely based on the real Columbian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. It takes place in the '80s so there's awesome fashion and music lol. It is CRAZY how much drugs were brought into America. As to be expected with the subject matter - a lot of violence. It's narrated by one of the DEA agents so it's from his perspective. I'm only half through the series but honestly if it was on television I probably wouldn't keep tuning in. Maybe one of these weekends when I have down time I'll tune into the rest.

What shows are you watching this month?

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