August 12, 2015

#KimTurns30 Box

Because I love my boxes so much, Nicole made my very own box for my birthday. TOO CUTE! Definitely recommend this idea for the subscription box lover in your life. I enjoyed it! I thought I'd review it like I would any other box lol. So let's see what was inside, shall we?

Nicole said: "It's your birthday so indulging is a must. Enjoy these cookies with little guilt!" These are vegan cookies that are super delicious. I appreciate her finding me vegan treats :)

Nicole said: "Use to continue to stay #flawless!" I'm going through a breakout right now but this face mask was super gentle. I definitely noticed my skin felt nourished. It is a fairly large bag so I'll get a few more uses out of it.

Nicole said: "Keep the creeps away with the tee that says it all! Unless it's Mr. Right!" Apparently I've become known for my sassy shirts so Nicole said she thought of me immediately when she saw this "No Thanks" tee lol.

Nicole said: "Keep your dream alive to visit the city of love with these cute magnets!" So sweet she remembered my personal goal of making it to Paris by 30. The clock is ticking now!

Nicole said: "A little treat for the beauty product queen that is sure to please!! ;)" lol if you look closely enough you'll get the joke.

Thanks Nicole for the box!

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